1. Instructions

Applicants must return the completed application form along with certified photocopies of their certificates and academic transcript. They must also include the original bank pay-in slip, which should have the applicant’s name on it.

The application form can be obtained from the Admission Office for Tzs. 30,000 (thirty thousand only).

2. Application requirements

  1. Completed medical examination form
  2. Original Certificates of Secondary education
  3. Application Form and the Admission letter
  4. Evidence of payment of the fees and other charges
  5. Birth Certificate or an affidavit
  6. Colored pass port size photos (4)

3. Program requirements

Clinical medicinePharmaceutical scienceLaboratory Assistant
  1.  1 Blood pressure machine
  2. Fetoscope
  3. 1 Stethoscope
  4. 1 Tape measure
  5. 1 Thermometer
  6. 1 Examination touch
  7. 1 box – Gloves
  8. Patella harmer
  1. Calculator
  2. Tanzania Pharmaceutical Handbook
  3. Gloves- 1 box
  4. Towel
  1. Calculator

4. Fee Structure

The Tuition fees and other financial requirement is follows.
SnItemPharmacyLaboratory AssistantsClinical Medicine
1Tuition Fee1,800,000720,0001,800,000
2Other charges480,000380,000480,000
Sub Total2,280,0001,100,0002,280,000
3Sponsorship 100(300,000)
1 The college management offered a discount of Tzs 300,000 on fees for Clinical Medicine students of year 2023/24

5. Fee Payment Schedule

It is obligatory that fees are paid strictly based on the payment schedule. Students are however encouraged to enter into agreement with the Finance in which case the payment may be made monthly with the amount not below Tzs 300,000. Fees could be paid based on monthly basis starting with Tzs 300,000 per month.

S/NTimingPharmacyLaboratory AssistantClinical Medicine
1At the Beginning of 1st SemesterTzs 700,000Tzs 350,0000Tzs 700,000
2Before Continuing Assessment 2Tzs 440,000Tzs 200,000Tzs 290,000
3At the Beginning of Second SemesterTzs 700,000Tzs 350,000Tzs 700,000
4Before Continuous Assessment 4Tzs 440,000Tzs 200,000Tzs 290,000

6. Other payments




Clinical Rotation – Clinical Medicine

Tzs 300,000

All Students with Clinical Rotation

Pharmacy Practice

Tzs 100,000

All Students with Pharmacy Practice Field

Field Work-Laboratory Assistant

Tzs 100,000

All Students with Field Attachment

Supplementary/Special Exams

Tzs 50,000

Per Module


Tzs 50,000

Per Module

Medical Capitation with NHIF

Tzs 50,400

All Students


Tzs 70,000


7. Mode of Payment

  • All payments are non-refundable
  • The fee structure is annual, the management reserves the right to change the fees structure at the end of each academic year.
  • A Bank pay in slip should be submitted to Finance on reporting to the College before
  • No student shall be accepted to the College without settling the first
  • Account Number :0150522486500 Account Name: Evan College – for fees
  • Account Number :0150522486501 Account Name: Evan College – other charges use
  • Payment made by M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money must be done upon obtaining control number.

8. College Uniform




Pharmacy and Clinical Medicine Students

Two White Shirts with short sleeves

Two White Gowns with short sleeves (Decent one- below knees)

Khaki colored 2 pairs of trousers (Cotton materials)

Flat Black Shoes and White socks (Open shoes/sandals are not allowed during class hours)

Black leather shoes (Open shoes/sandals are not allowed during class hours), white socks 1 white clinical coat/lab coat

White socks 1 white clinical coat/lab coat

Laboratory Assistants

Two White Shirts

Two White Gowns (Decent one- below knees)

Dark Blue colored 2 pairs of trousers (Cotton materials)

Flat Black Shoes (Open shoes/sandals are not allowed during class hours)


Black or brown leather shoes (Open shoes/sandals are not allowed during class hours) White socks

White socks

  Note: College Uniforms must have a college logo; Uniforms must be purchased at the campus for Tzs 105,000/- for all students.

9. Requirements for Boarding/ Hostel / Cafetaria

Cafeteria and Canteen services

The College provides no food; however, the cafeteria is open for students at prescribed times to cater for students’ meals need.

Residence facility

The College provides a room and a bed. Students are required to bring with them:

The mattress (3 x 6)

A blanket

4 bed sheets

1 pillow + 2 pillow cases

1 mosquito net

1 bucket


Open shoes/sandals and casual canvas shoes

Students are required to sign resident (hostel) rules and regulations, any violation of these rules and regulation will amount to students to be expelled from the facility. Students must pay for the Tzs 20,000 to meet the cost of water that is paid for each installment. The hostel electricity bill is shared by all residents.

All inquiries and duly filled Applicant forms should be addressed to: –

Dr Bitizani Msangi Principal


Prestige Silva Heritage Park, Block D Cheka, Plot 90, P O Box 15805,

Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam

Cell: +755 259977 or +255764222999

Email: info@ecohas.ac.tz,

Website: http://ecohas.ac.tz

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